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Voice & Creator of Dessert Done Light

Hi! I’m Crystal. I’m a baker, food photographer, mother of three, lover of desserts, and the creator behind Dessert Done Light.

Here at Dessert Done Light, you will find healthier versions of all your favorite desserts, treats, and snacks. The recipes here have been “lightened-up” without sacrificing any flavor because healthier dessert equals more dessert, and that’s something to be happy about! Wouldn’t you agree?

You will also find a big selection of vegan desserts and all of the recipes here are easy to make. So if you are craving something sweet, then look no further.

Dessert is good for the soul!


My Story

Life is so full of possibilities! As a former second grade teacher turned television sales executive, I had never considered food blogging before. But a few years ago, I was given some great advice- “do more of the things that bring you joy.” I decided to incorporate that advice into all aspects of my life, and now I truly love what I do. I have plenty of help over here at Dessert Done Light, including my husband Jonathan (helper of all that is tech) and my three children Ava, Sophie, and Reeves (the toughest little food critics). They help keep my recipes on point and I couldn’t do this without them.

Beyond the Blog

Besides cooking, I love to travel, especially to the beach and to the mountains. I could live in the mountains! I also really love yoga, as it’s what calms my mind and keeps me present. I practice several times a week and have seen such a huge change in my body and my mind. I’m also really into health and nutrition. I love reading up on the latest nutrition advice and learning about different diets. It inspires me to eat cleaner and create healthier recipes. Then I get to share them- how great is that!

Life is good.

Thank you!

Thanks again for your interest in Dessert Done Light. I love hearing from you, so please leave any questions and comment on recipes, as I read them all. Also, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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